Clifty Creek Candles
Located in historic Madison, Indiana




Candles offered for fundraisers are 16 oz. of double-scented soy wax.  Each candle is scented all the way through, with no “scent voids”.


Suggested sale price is $10-$15.  Most of our groups are having great results with selling them for $12 for 1 or $10 each for 2 or more. Contact us for your actual cost of candles.



Included in the program are photo quality pictures of sample candles with the order form printed on the back.  We also include additional plain order forms. These forms are provided at no cost.


Payment is expected at time of delivery, so we suggest that payment be required at the time of customer orders.  We attempt to have all fundraiser orders completed and delivered within two weeks of receiving the order, however, if you have a target date set, we will do everything we can do work within those dates.


We will deliver the candles. We cannot ship them. Therefore, we will work with groups that are within 100 mile radius of Madison, Indiana.


To get you started, we need your organization's full name,  the number of people selling, the start date and end date of your fundraiser and a contact name and phone number.  You can reach us at 812-801-6062 or email to


We would be honored to be included in your fundraising efforts!




John & Sara Dryden

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Clifty Creek Soy Candles