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Decorative Diffuser Lid

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Use these lids on both the 8 oz and the 16 oz candles.  Please use caution when handling after being on a lit candle, as lid will become hot to the touch.

These are so sweet.  They are made of the same material as our standard lids.  The difference is there is a daisy flower shape stamped out of the top metal.  After letting the candle burn for approximately 1-2 hours (or until the flame won't touch the lid), carefully put the lid on the candle jar.  The lid will become fairly hot to the touch, so use caution and keep out of the reach of children, pets and flammable materials.

The lid will prevent any tunneling that may occur due to drafts from windows, ceiling fans, or air conditioning.  It also makes a pretty pattern when burning on the ceiling from the flame through the lid.

We use these only when tunneling is occuring because of location, but you can use them all the time.

Lids are reusable, but should be replaced when the daisy becomes discolored or unattractive, or if it becomes too blackened on the inside.  I would recommend blowing the candle out to extinguish when the lid is on.  The lid becomes quite hot, so if you properly extinquish your candles, but dipping the wick in the hot wax and pulling back straight, you will need to use hot pads or other heat protective gloves