Clifty Creek Candles
Located in historic Madison, Indiana
Tart Burner Smelly Melts 3.5 Oz Clamshell Box



We are so excited about this product! Each scent is poured directly into the mold and it is ready to go.  Just break off a square or two, drop them into your melter and you are done!  We have re-done the packaging on this to keep overhead low, labor costs down and for a much more user-friendly product.  If you have seen "Scentsy" products, you are familiar with this packaging.  We hope you like the changes!

With our Smelly Melts,  you get a full 3.5 oz of wax for only $2.99.  That is a much better deal, and you aren't paying for all of the extra labor, just the wonderful scented wax you want!  We use the exact same wax as we put in our double scented candles.  Not a cheaper blend.